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Fashion for TEENS

Fashion for TEENS

2016-10-26 13:30:53

Staff Correspondent: In teen period, mostly girls are stuck between the countless glam looking fashion magazine and mother’s choices attires. Most of the time they can not decide whether they want a tomboy look or if they should choose a ‘chick pretty in pink princess’. They really face a critical fashion dilemma.

If you are a teen who is stuck between this fashion dilemma, then don’t worry. Actually you don’t have to choose just yet! The teenage years are the prime time to experiment with fashion. So don’t hold yourself back! However, diving in blind can be rather dangerous, and here are just a few ways to make your transition easier.

Starting for something new

It’s always important to begin with something simple. Young girls always tempted by the make-up as they hardly can fight off the make up temptation. While your 23 year old sister effortlessly put on that Mac ruby-woo, it would probably be better for you to start much smaller. At thirteen, avoid makeup since the chemicals can ruin the softness and delicacy of your already glowing skin. A light colored lip gloss and maybe a bit of mascara occasionally can be the perfect way to let your natural look shine.

While your collection of frocks may be getting smaller, the collection of jeans and t-shirts are definitely getting larger. You can go with your favorite color top with your favorite cartoon character, to the chic tribal-printed jeggings or the short pleated skirts, the options are endless. If you like to try something traditiona, Mayasir has a really good collection of vibrant salwar kameezes designed with sequins and embroidery which are perfect for the younger teens.

For any special occasions like weddings you can go for the traditional lehenga with intricate designs or the sleek and stylish western gown. Add a bead necklace, or a silver bracelet. You can use a bit of eye shadow with mascara and you are perfectly ready to go!


After easing into the hectic teen life and your mother finally accepting the fact that her little girl has indeed grown up, your choice in clothes may have become limited to the latest fashion trends. However, fashion should really be about enjoying oneself and one should always keep experimenting. The greatest worldwide trends were not made by those who only wanted to “fit-in”.

Whether you would prefer a tunic from Taaga or kurti from fashion boutiques. Match it with a pair of printed harem pants or floral chinos, for a casual sense of elegancy. You could also join in on the worldwide hype of jumpsuits. Chic, stylish and found in both monochromatic colours and prints, these are perfect for invites and engagement parties.

Forgo the heavy makeup materials. Your sensitive skin does not need to be covered in layers of foundation and makeup. What it needs is proper hydration and regular moisturizing. Don’t stress about the acne breakouts; they will diminish with time. You can always use a coral lipstick or black eyeliner for casual occasions, only using heavier makeup in formal events, such as weddings.